Posted on Jun - 30 - 2013
Posted by James

Football Manager 2014 (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)

Manufacturer: Sega
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 8
Genre: sports-and-outdoors-games
Rating: To Be Announced

List Price: £63.37 GBP
New From: £4.73 GBP In Stock
Used from: £4.00 GBP In Stock

Pre Order Football Manager 2014


Well we are looking forward to the release of Football Manager 2014 and with each passing day it is getting closer and closer. After last years debacle when you could pre-order Football Manager 2013 and play it two weeks before the actual release. So why would you not want to pre-order Football Manager 2014, simply click on the link above and you can pre-order the game from Amazon today!


So How can we pre-order Football Manager 2014?

Well Football Manager 2014 is available to pre-order now! Simply click the link above and you will be taken to amazon to buy it through them!

When Will Football Manager 2014 released?

There has not been a set release date yet but it will be available late October or early November, so click the link today and get Football Manager 2014.

How Much will Football Manager 2014 Cost?

Yet again Football Manager 2014 has not been released but the game is going to cost £38.60

So What happens next?

Quite simple, click the link above, checkout via Amazon. You will then get an email from Amazon when a release date has been released. It will be then sent for release day!


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