Welcome to the home of Football Manager 2014. The latest version of the series Football Manager, which is soon to be released. So until then why not check out some of our articles on the game itself and get yourself ready for what is no doubt going to be the best version yet! Here we have a great collection of articles on the game itself, also some news, some of the new features and hopefully some exclusive interviews!

 Pre-Order Football Manager 2014

Quite simply the only website currently that gives you the opportunity to Pre-Order Football Manager 2014.

Football Manager 2014 Release Date

As soon as we know the Football Manager 2014 release date so will you! However just gives you the low down currently on when we think Football Manager 2014 will be released.

Football Manager Tactics 2014

This article provides you with some of my hopes and dreams for FM Tactics 2014 and hopefully some insight in what to expect. We look at my new philosophy for Football Manager 2014 and why i hope to end ‘beautiful football’.

Football Manager Wonderkids 2014

A look at some of the wonderkids that we may find in Football Manager 2014, hopefully we will be right. We thought that we would name our best wonderkids for FM14 from England, Europe and then the rest of the world. Why not share your opinions?

Football Manager Training 2014

A look at what can improve training in Football Manager 2014, and where we think SI went wrong. We have a look at what we think would be good to add to the games, what we want to bring back and hopefully give you an idea of what Training in Football Manager 2014 will be like.

Football Manager Teams to Be 2014

Well this article looks at some of the teams we should be managing in FM2014, and if you are struggling for ideas, give this a read and it will no doubt wet your appetite for FM2014.

Football Manager 2014 Possible Features

With the game coming up soon we have decided to give you a look at what we think might be in Football Manager 2014, whilst doing that we have put our opinions across and what we think would improve the game.

Challenge to Keep you going to Football Manager 2014

If you are struggling for a game, and you need a team to manage until Football Manager 2014 is released, this guide is perfect for you! Enjoy the last few months of FM13!