Football Manager 2014 (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)

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Football Manager Tactics 2014


Update: Football Manager is now available for pre-order, click the link above and you can purchase it today.

With the long awaited release of Football Manager 2014 getting ever closer there is no doubt that we will all have a few questions about the game when it is released. Yet the one that will no doubt get asked the most by all of us will be about Tactics. Football Manager Tactics 2014 will no doubt provide so much debate as it is always does. So what do you guys think will happen with regards to tactics in Football Manager 2014? Well here are a few thoughts from myself and some things I am looking to try out myself.

On this page we will also try and keep you up to date with anything going on with Football Manager 2014, and especially with Football Manager tactics 2014,

The 4-2-3-1

There is no doubt this is the modern formation that a lot of teams are trying to follow all you need to do is look at Chelsea’s transfer policy over the past few seasons to see that the big clubs are looking at this formation. Yet with the continued performances from the likes of Mata and Hazard is it possible that Football Manager will create a great emphasis on that man behind the striker. I am just excited to see how the 4-2-3-1 will work in Football Manager 2014.

The New Makelele

When Makelele came over to England he revolutionized the Defensive Midfield position and it was clearly something that had been seen in Spain, yet i feel over the past year or two that role has continued to change. The role has become less about what you do off the ball and what you do on it, as more and more teams take the motto the opposition can’t score without the ball. Players such as Carrick are coming to the fore. Will this be the same on FM? As in FM13 I feel the defensive midfielder is still so key when you don’t have the ball that you can sacrifice what he does on it.

The Match Engine

As we all know Football Manager has the best Match Engine by far of any game out there. However after playing Football Manager Live i often became so frustrated with it, the constant ways you could get around it. So will they release a game without these flaws? Will they change it to suit what is going on in real life? Or will they just make minor tweaks?

My New Philosophy

Well due to me now blogging and due to me having certain principles around how I play Football Manager i have decided on a new philosophy. This is built greatly around the way I have seen clubs play in recent years and how I actually want my teams to play. The key thing that I have seen in football over the years is that teams like to keep the ball, but for me it is how you use that ball. So I am going to try and put a very specific team together, that doesn’t give the ball away or hoof it, but focuses on getting that ball every single time to two or three key players, in wide areas. Yet I will set the tempo very high to, the key is to use the possession as soon as I get it, don’t allow the opposition to regain their shape at all.

So there we have it, just a few things about what excite me regarding Football Manager Tactics 2014. What are you looking forward to?