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Football Manager Training 2014


Update: Football Manager 2014 is now available to pre-order, click the link above and pre-order it now.

When Football Manager 2013 was released there is no doubt that training was on the mind of everyone who bought the game i see that been no different in FM 2014. The game itself in my eyes needs changes and soon. Training in FM12 was brilliant in my eyes, agreed it was hit and miss but their was some complexity to it, their was far more to it. Where as when the redesign come it was simple. So hopefully with Football Manager training 2014 we will see a development on this years. Obviously FM have become known for creating a feature and then developing as we have seen with player interaction, team talks for substitutes etc…. so hopefully this will be same this year. However i thought i would give you my view on what i would improve and what i am looking forward to.


Youth Development

This has to be one of the biggest let down this year for me. Clearly there are some great in depth articles around about Youth Development, yet i don’t see why. This year has the simplest formula yet, heavy training, tutoring and game time, that’s all you need to develop a wonderkid. So hopefully the wonderkids in Football Manager 2014 will need far more training. I would love to see more involvement with specialist youth coaches and actually different types of schedules for youngsters.

More Involvement

This year myself and my colleague Kev have had great success with training especially with Heavy training. However much this has benefited us as managers it has not helped our addiction. Last year the sliders needed far more attention and you could actually play around with them until you got the right formula. Instead of making it simpler i think they needed to make it harder, with maybe more sliders, and different sets of them for different times of the season.

Pre-Season Training

This is one thing that has taken a step forward this, and you really do need to get more involved with it. Yet for me would it not be great if two weeks before pre-season you actually had to put forward pre-season training schedule specifying things each player needs to focus on. For those of us who don’t want to do this we can get our assistants to do it.

More Coaches

This ties in with the youth development aspect. Don’t get me wrong FM has taken some great strides over the years yet i think this would be another huge one. In real life all aspects of the club are ran by the club for instance the youth teams before the youth academy. So why should they not in Football Manager? I think positions for under 14s etc…. Don’t get me wrong i don’t think we should control them but the chance to see how they do in the leagues and reports once a year i feel is a great idea.

Bring back Football Manager Training Schedules for FM14

One of the most enjoyable parts was the debate around tactics, every year someone had some new miracle training schedules that could be picked apart. Some people created some brilliant pre-season one’s. There was so much debate and talk about them, for me this is what made them so brilliant. This year has gone downhill, there are no downloads, no talk, no debate, its straightforward. Football Manager has such a huge community and bringing training schedules back to the community and their downloads would be amazing.

So there are just a few of my ideas for Football Manager Training 2014, so hopefully SI will listen to me or no doubt have even better ideas. This page will be updated when we know more!